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A3 Premium All-in-One Standard Sonic toothbrush heads

A3 Premium All-in-One Standard Sonic toothbrush heads

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One brush head for comprehensive care

The A3 Premium All-in-One brush head is the only one you need for cleaner, whiter teeth and healthier gums. With this brush head you will remove 20k. more plaque, up to 100% spots and gums will be up to 15k. healthier in just 2 weeks.

Uncompromising cleanliness

  • 2 pcs.
  • Standard size
  • Installed
  • The BrushSync function is working

Pašalina iki 20 k. daugiau apnašų net sunkiai pasiekiamose vietose*

Removes up to 20 k. more plaque even in hard-to-reach places

Experience our best descaling no matter how you clean. The Premium All-in-One brush head has precisely angled bristles for maximum plaque removal.

Jūsų šypsenai sukurta šerelių forma

Bristle shape designed for your smile

Thanks to the curved profile, the bristles fall exactly where they are needed. We have carefully developed and created an all-in-one option with exceptional oral care.

Iki 100 % daugiau pašalintų dėmių greičiau nei per dvi dienas***

Up to 100% more spots removed in less than two days***

Gently scrub stains with the triangular bristle tips, which are designed to clean stains more effectively than round bristles. Due to this shape, the bristles come into more contact with the surface of the teeth to remove stains more effectively.

Iki 15 k. sveikesnės dantenos vos per dvi savaites**

Up to 15 k. healthier gums in just two weeks**

The extra-far reaching side bristles of the brush head gently clean along the gum line, even as you focus on your teeth. In addition, the bristles flex to help prevent excessive pressure.

„Sonic“ valymas: efektyvaus valymo meistriškumo klasė

Sonic cleaning: a master class in effective cleaning

Remove plaque with Sonic, our powerful and gentle cleaning technology. When brushing your teeth, up to 62,000 bristle movements and dynamic liquid action help to clean even the hard-to-reach areas for an exceptionally fresh and clean mouth.

Sukurta specialistų galvojant apie jus

Designed by professionals with you in mind

This all-in-one brush head is the product of our most extensive research and development. We combined the expertise of dental professionals, oral care professionals, engineers and designers to create this brush head for comprehensive care.

Įstatoma galvutė, kad galėtumėte lengvai pakeisti

Insertable head for easy replacement

The A3 Premium All-in-One brush head is a perfect fit for the Philips Sonicare clip-on handle (see list below). Simply put on and take off - easy to change and clean.

Naudodamiesi galvutės pakeitimo priminimais valysitės geriausiai

Use head change reminders to get the best cleaning experience

The brush head becomes less efficient after 3 months of use, but the BrushSync function will notify you before this happens. With BrushSync, the toothbrush anticipates your usage and notifies you when it's time to replace the head.

Suitable for the following models:

  • Series 2 - Plaque Control
  • Series 2 - Plaque Protection
  • 2100 series
  • Series 3 - healthy gums
  • „DiamondClean“
  • „DiamondClean 9000“
  • „DiamondClean Smart“
  • „EasyClean“
  • „Essence+“
  • „ExpertClean“
  • „ExpertResults“
  • „FlexCare“
  • „FlexCare Platinum“
  • „FlexCare Platinum Connected“
  • „FlexCare+“
  • for children
  • „HealthyWhite“
  • „HealthyWhite+“
  • „PowerUp“
  • „Prestige 9900“
  • „ProtectiveClean“
  • 1100 series
  • 3100 series

Not suitable for:

  • „Philips One“, „Essence“


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Neringa L.

Ačiū už patarimą ir operatyvumą.

Edita Urbonienė

Puikiai! Sūnus patenkintas 🙂

Gytė Tamošaitienė

neapsakomo švarumo jausmas juo išsivalius, labai patenkinta

Rasa Surmilavičienė

Naudoju ir sau ir savo šešiamečiui....nuvalo tobulai, dantys kaip po higienos

Ramunė Balsevičiūtė

Viskas puiku ir prekės ir aptarnavimas ir dovanėlės. Labai ačiū

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