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CURAPROX CS WOOD wooden toothbrush

CURAPROX CS WOOD wooden toothbrush

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Beautiful Swiss wood - no compromises

Finally, a wooden toothbrush that actually cares for your teeth and gums and the environment around us. Super soft brush head with 4,440 ultra-thin Curen® bristles densely placed next to each other... combined with hard, extremely durable, sustainably sourced beech wood. 

Try this toothbrush… love this toothbrush. Feel connected to nature every morning and every evening. The beautiful, earthy warmth of the biodegradable, compostable handle and the joyful color of the brush head bristles make this a work of art that you can lovingly gift to family and friends. 

It's the same innovative technology and design excellence that goes into all of our iconic toothbrushes, recommended by dentists and loved by millions. Wooden does not mean less effective. The wooden Curaprox Super Soft Brush is relentless on plaque… and incredibly gentle on your teeth and gums. Brush your teeth to keep your smile for life. 

Swiss beech is famous for its longevity. This is the only wooden toothbrush with Curacurve® bending - so you can easily reach all hard-to-reach places.

 * A wooden toothbrush that cares for your smile and the environment

 * 4,440 Cure® bristles, each with a diameter of 0.1 mm

 * You can choose from four bright bristle colors - green, maroon, blue and pink

 * Made in Switzerland from sustainable Swiss beech wood

 * Treated with carnauba palm wax to protect against water damage

 * Clears all corners thanks to Curacurve® – low curvature, high difference

 * Compact, angled head

 * 100% biodegradable wooden handle - throw it in the compost

 * Every piece of wood and every toothbrush is unique  

How to brush your teeth - the short version

Hold the brush like a pen.

Start from the best angle, half on the teeth, half on the gums.

Tilt towards the gums.

Clean in small, gentle circles with almost no pressure.

Repeat on all three tooth surfaces

How to dispose of a wooden toothbrush

You can break off the brush head with pliers or similar. Dispose of the brush head in the regular trash. Discard the 100% biodegradable wooden handle in the compost bin. We recommend changing your wooden toothbrush every two months (to prevent the bristles from bending and potentially harmful bacteria from accumulating).  

A sustainable, Swiss ecosystem 

We enthusiastically support the sustainable cultivation of beech wood… to maintain a healthy forest ecosystem in Switzerland from generation to generation. 

Love the planet with Ama Pianeta

We care about oral health. We also care about the planet. That is why our founder, Ueli Breitschmid, created the Ama Pianeta brand - to protect nature, fauna and flora, our environment and our society.

Ama Pianeta stands for, among other things, growing food sustainably, supporting and promoting natural processes… and the careful use of our resources.

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Morta U.

labai patiko, ir gamta ir dantys švarūs. Gražiai ekologiškai supakuota, viskas atitinka aprašymą. Jokio plastiko.

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