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FITTYDENT panel lining, adhesive strip

FITTYDENT panel lining, adhesive strip

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FITTYDENT, denture lining, 15 pcs.

Guaranteed retention of the prosthesis for patients with wide and/or narrow lower jaws and in case of excess saliva. The anatomy of the lower jaw differs from the upper jaw:

  • Smaller storage space for the prosthesis.
  • The tongue constantly moves the lower jaw and the prostheses in it.
  • The lower jaw is always more exposed to saliva, and the prosthesis is always in a very humid environment.
  • Also suitable for gluing upper jaw prostheses.
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Evaldas Macijauskas
Protezų pamušalai.

Labai geri dantų protezų pamušalai, laiko puikiai, ačiū.

Romualdas Čepulis

Puikus produktas. Naudoju kiekvieną dieną.

Adelė Skeisgielienė
Tvirti danty

Puikus produktas protezų fiksuojamasis pamušalas ,seniai naudoju. Ačiū

Danutė Skvarnavičienė
protezų pamušalai

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