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GUM ORTHO orthodontic interdental thread

GUM ORTHO orthodontic interdental thread

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GUM® Ortho Orthodontic interdental thread

Specially designed for easier and more effective cleaning around orthodontic appliances and under braces. The floss swells and adapts to the size of the interdental area, thus easily reaching all surfaces of the teeth.


1. Pull the thread until you see a green strip

2. If you have pulled too much thread and run out of green ribbon, use your thumb to turn the screw back counterclockwise

3. Cut the thread in the middle of the green strip.

In order to keep teeth and gums healthy, dentists recommend using this floss.

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Greta Zubrova

Labai patogu valyti tarpdančius, net kūdikėlis nesipriešina. Rekomenduoju.

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