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ORAL-B iO 9 Duo Black Onyx & Rose Quartz electric toothbrush

ORAL-B iO 9 Duo Black Onyx & Rose Quartz electric toothbrush

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Professional teeth cleaning with the help of artificial intelligence.

Oral-B will help you clean your teeth perfectly. Electric toothbrush Oral-B iO Series 9 Duo is a refreshing sensation of cleanliness and 100% healthier gums in just 1 week. The gentle energy of the micro-vibrating bristles combined with the magnetically driven brush head perfectly removes plaque and ensures smooth and effective cleaning.

You can choose from 7 cleaning programs, and thanks to the 3D mapping function, the brush "monitors" your cleaning technique in real time and helps you improve it. A smart pressure sensor "teaches" how to properly hold the brush against the gums. Well, the light indicator shows you whether you are pressing too lightly, too hard, or just right.


  • cleans teeth comfortably and gently
  • healthier gums in just 1 week
  • information about the condition and cleaning of the teeth
  • monitors the cleaning process in real time
  • suitable for sensitive teeth and gums
  • circular brush head design inspired by dentists
  • perfect for home and travel use
  • ideal gift

Technical specifications:

  • Magnetic iO™ technology - directs energy to each fiber of the brush
  • pressure sensor - protects the gums
  • 7 individual tooth cleaning modes - gentle, extra gentle, gum care, tongue cleaning, daily cleaning, whitening, intensive cleaning
  • circular brush head - cleans teeth with micro-vibrations and oscillations
  • AI Tracking 3D - "monitors" how the teeth are cleaned and helps to improve the technique
  • interactive color OLED display - provides real-time instructions
  • compatible with Oral-B iO™ interchangeable brush heads
  • magnetic fast charger - fast charging in just 3 hours
  • 1 battery charge is enough for 2 weeks
  • connecting to the Oral-B app via Bluetooth

The package contains:

  • 2 Oral-B iO Series 9 electric toothbrushes
  • magnetic charger
  • 1 travel charging case
  • travel holder for brush heads
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Customer Reviews

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Brangus, bet puikus šepetėlis. Labai džiaugiamės su vyru pasidovanoję juos vestuvių metinių proga;) Valymo kokybė ir motyvacija -100% pasikeitė :)

Indre Girzadiene

Atvirai, galvojau tai reklama. Apie jo geruma, tobula valyma. Dabar manau, kad tai geriausias pirkinys. Turime visa seima. Ir zinau, ka pirksiu artimiems draugams svenciu proga. Be abejoniu.

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