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PHILIPS SONICARE FOR KIDS electric toothbrush for children (* you may have to wait up to 4 weeks)

PHILIPS SONICARE FOR KIDS electric toothbrush for children (* you may have to wait up to 4 weeks)

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Interactive Sonic Tech. Brushing your teeth is more fun!

Engage children while brushing their teeth. The Philips Sonicare For Kids toothbrush with Bluetooth connects to a fun app that helps kids brush their teeth better and for longer. Kids have fun while learning how to brush their teeth correctly, and the skills last a lifetime.


With the Philips Sonicare For Kids toothbrush and app, children learn about proper tooth brushing themselves. The app synchronizes with the child's toothbrush via Bluetooth. It shows the correct cleaning methods and results. Kids can see if they are brushing their teeth well and get great rewards for good results. 98 percent interviewed parents say that using this educational and effective program, children brush their teeth longer and better. This is a fun way to help children develop good oral care skills for life.

Interactive fun and Philips Sonicare technology

The Philips Sonicare For Kids toothbrush and app have given you a completely different perspective on brushing your teeth. In the app, the main character is Sparkle, a hero who really likes clean teeth. Kids take care of Sparkle, and the app's brushing teachers challenge them to brush longer and better. Every time you brush your teeth properly, Sparkle becomes happier, and every successful session is rewarded. Kids can unlock accessories to beautify Sparkly, or win food for a healthy Sparkly. Parents can choose what awards to give to children.

Keep track of cleaning time even when you're not using the app

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Customer Reviews

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Ernesta Juskaite
Dantukų darugas vaikams

Labai šauni programėlė kuri skatina kasdiena valytis dantis. Vaikas myli savo elektroninį augintinį glosto, linksmina ir kalbasi :)

Jovita Bikauskienė

Esame labai patenkinti šiuo el. šepetėliu. Gavome dovaną - pliušinį žaislą, kurį pavadinome Švaručiu. Programėlė skatina valytis dantukus. Super!

Riva Furman-Masiulė
Kids elektrinis šepetėlis

Nuostabus, sūnui labai patinka.

Aistė Čekauskienė
Labai patenkinti preke ❤️

Labai patiko ❤️


Akivaizdžiai švaresni dantys! Ir vaikas valosi mielu noru žiūrėdamas į planšetėje įrašytą programėlę. 10 balų!

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