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WATERPIK mouth irrigator nozzles

WATERPIK mouth irrigator nozzles

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JT - Standard nozzle JT. Effectively cleans between the teeth and massages the gums.

TB - Toothbrush TB. A traditional toothbrush. Can be used with toothpaste.

TC - Tongue cleaner TC. Removes odor-causing bacteria from the surface of the tongue.

PS - Plaque Seeker™ Tip PS. Three fine bristle fibers clean dental plaque from hard-to-reach places and are especially suitable for implant care.

PP - Tip Pik Pocket PP. Flushes gum pockets. Attention! Use only a weak current!

OD - Orthodontic tip OD. Cleans hard-to-reach areas around braces and other prostheses.

Tips compatible with: Waterpik WF-10 Black, Waterpik WF-03, Waterpik® WP-672 Aquarius™, Waterpik® WP-670 Aquarius™, Waterpik WP-462, Complete Care CC-01, Complete Care WP-861, Waterpik WF -10, Waterpik® WP-660 Aquarius™, Waterpik WP-160 Ultra Plus, Waterpik WP-563, Waterpik WP-562, Waterpik WP-560, Waterpik WP-450, Waterpik WP-260 for Kids, Waterpik WP-250 Nano ™, Waterpik Ultra WP-112, Waterpik Ultra WP-100

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Simona Paulauskienė
Antgalis liežuviui

Visi antgaliai liux ir pats irigatorius šios firmos superinis 😍

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