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CURAPROX BE YOU naturally whitening daily toothpaste set

CURAPROX BE YOU naturally whitening daily toothpaste set

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CURAPROX BE YOU, Natural Whitening Everyday Toothpaste Set, Assorted Flavors, 6 x 10ml and Toothbrush.

The set consists of 6 pieces. 10 ml capacity toothpaste and a very soft toothbrush. Toothpastes have the same composition, but different flavors and aromas.

6 different flavors:

  • flavors of blackberry, licorice and mint
  • grapefruit, bergamot and mint
  • apple, aloe vera and mint flavors
  • peach, apricot and mint flavors
  • watermelon and mint flavor
  • flavored with persimmons, gin and tonic and mint

Features of toothpastes:

  • Natural salivary enzyme hydroxydase - naturally and gently whitens tooth enamel;
  • Sodium fluoride (950 ppm) and xylitol – for caries prevention;
  • Hydroxylapatite - reduces tooth sensitivity, restores enamel and smoothes surface damage of tooth enamel;
  • Herbal extracts - soothes and regenerates the mucous membrane;
  • Panthenol - reduces unpleasant sensations in the gums;
  • Extract of bitter orange tree - kills bacteria;
  • Menthol granules - provides freshness;
  • The optical blue filter reflects light from the surface of the teeth - the image of whiteness;
  • Relative dentin abrasion number RDA 50;
  • Without foaming agents (parabens or SLS).
  • Suitable for children from 6 years.

When purchasing a set, a toothbrush in a random color is selected.

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Customer Reviews

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Kristina Kazlauskienė

Visos pastos labai patiko rekomenduoju

Erika V.

Labai geras variantas savo skoniui atrasti. Dantys švarūs, atrodo ir baltesni.


Malonaus skonios,visai neastrios dantu pastos,labai patinka🙂


Malonaus skonio pastos.

Curaprox Be You rinkinys

Puikus rinkinukas pastų skonių pabandymui, nes tikrai ne visi patiko, kad pirkčiau pilną dydį. Net sakyčiau atvirkščiai, pagal aprašymus būčiau "nusirinkusi".

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