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CURAPROX CS 5460 ULTRA SOFT toothbrush set (3 pcs.)

CURAPROX CS 5460 ULTRA SOFT toothbrush set (3 pcs.)

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Super soft Swiss toothbrushes.

  • Softness: Fine and flexible Curen patented bristles.
  • Efficiency: densely pressed Curen bristles.
  • Accessibility: Small brush head and flexible handle.
  • Cleaning at the right angle: octagonal handle.

Curaprox toothbrushes are made according to a special technology, so they are very gentle and prevent damage to the gums, but at the same time they effectively break down and remove plaque. Curen bristles are stiffer than the nylon bristles normally used in brushes, so they remain as stable when wet as they are when dry.

Although these brushes have a very high number of bristles at 5460, they are densely compressed, so the brush head is not large, which makes it easy to reach anywhere in the mouth.

The angled head will prevent the brush from slipping, and the octagonal handle helps you clean at the right angle - turning 45 degrees towards the gums.

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Customer Reviews

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Angelė Markėnienė
Angelė Markėnienė

Šepetėlis patinka

Irena Karaulnovienė

Labai gera dantų pasta,o dantų šepetėliai tiesiog superiniai,ačiū Jums,kad esate.

Laima Gagilienė

Prisijungiu prie rekomendacijų. Mūsų šeima tik šiuos šepetėlius naudoja. Po jų, jokie kiti šepetėliai nebetinka. Kokybė yra Kokybė.

Lina Paulauskaitė

Patys geriausi šepetėliai.

Diana Krinickaitė

Labai minkštučiai ir mažomis galvutėmis. Patogu valytis dantis jais.

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