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CURAPROX HYDROSONIC EASY ultrasonic electric toothbrush

CURAPROX HYDROSONIC EASY ultrasonic electric toothbrush

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Simple, but effective and reliable - an ultrasonic electric toothbrush that cleans up to 42,000 times. bristle movements per minute.

Electric toothbrush Hydrosonic Easy - an ultrasonic toothbrush, easily and intuitively controlled with one button. Like regular Curaprox toothbrushes, the Hydrosonic heads use CUREN® bristles, a special, patented material that absorbs little moisture and is very soft. The high number of bristle movements ensures a hydrodynamic effect, which cleans places that a regular toothbrush can't even reach - including between the teeth.

The Hydrosonic Easy, together with the heads and charger, fits in a compact and convenient travel case.

Strong battery: it lasts about 60 minutes on a single charge and the brushes are just as strong whether the battery is fully charged or barely charged.

Three power modes - 22, 32 or 42 thousand. bristle movements per minute.

The set includes a cleaning head.

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Labai smagus, lengvas, kokybiškas. Tikrai patiko. Vienintelis minusas, kad burzgia ganėtinai garsiai

Kristina Nedzinske

Viskas labai puikiai, veikia gerai, valo maloniai ir efektyviai.

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