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Refill of CURAPROX PRIME START interdental brushes, 8 pcs.

Refill of CURAPROX PRIME START interdental brushes, 8 pcs.

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Curaprox Swiss interdental brush bristles CPS Prime 0.6 - 1.1 mm , with which only one movement is enough to clean the interdentals - insert the brush into the interdental and pull it out.

Probably the thinnest interdental brushes ever. CPS prime brushes can clean very narrow interdental spaces. Interdental cleaning helps prevent gum inflammation and bad breath.

These are probably the best small brushes on the market with durability that can't be beat. The CPS Prime interdental brush is suitable for very narrow spaces. The click system means these brushes can be used with any of your favorite Curaprox holders. Interdental brushes help to fight caries, gingivitis and periodontitis very easily and effectively. Thanks to the quality of CPS Prime, one cleaning motion is enough: back and forth. Done.

  • Extra fine bristles with an umbrella effect.
  • Patented medical wire for the narrowest interdental spaces.
  • Long service life.
  • Click system for all brackets.

Curaprox Prime Interdental Brushes help you clean between your teeth with ease, reaching hard-to-reach plaque. These interdental brushes have flexible and soft bristles that are twisted around ultra-thin, strong medical grade CURAL wire. This technology, patented by the manufacturer, facilitates interdental cleaning and allows pain-free precise interdental cleaning. Careful interdental cleaning helps prevent periodontal problems and caries, as it reaches even the smallest cavities between the teeth.

In the package: 8 pcs. bristles.

Swiss Curaprox Prime interdental brushes are easy to use (just one movement is enough), choose the bristles of the right size.

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Rūta Kizienė

Puikūs šepetėliai, ypač patinka, kad keičiasi tik galvutės ir taip galima sumažinti plastiko vartojimą.

Vilma Navickienė

Mūsų šeimai labai patiko ir tiko 👍

Ieva Čereškaitė
Patys geriausi šepetėliai.

Patys geriausi šepetėliai. Pats ploniausiais tinka mažiausiems tarpeliams idealiai :)

Emilija Černiauskaitė

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