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CURAPROX interdental brush set CPS 457 POCKET SET

CURAPROX interdental brush set CPS 457 POCKET SET

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CURAPROX CPS 457 "Prime" interdental brush set with handle. The set includes 5 interdental brushes of different sizes (06 - 011), holder and case. Perfect for traveling or for those wanting to try different sizes of interdental brushes.

Curaprox interdental brushes adapt to the interdental anatomy, completely fill the interdental cavity and do not damage the interdental tissues. Cural's patented medical-grade wire makes it easy to use an interdental brush. "Cural" technology uses an extremely thin, but very strong medical wire, so you will clean even the narrowest interdentals thoroughly and without pain.

Thin and flexible bristles reach all the most important and problematic interdental spaces and ensure the elasticity of the bristles in the interdental cavity, so just one movement is enough to clean the interdentals - inserting the interdental brush into the interdental and pulling it out. Thats all!

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Lina T

Labai patogu turėti rankinėje. Sandariai uždaryta, higieniška.

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