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CURASEPT PRIMI DENTI soothing gum gel for children

CURASEPT PRIMI DENTI soothing gum gel for children

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The first teething is usually painless, but there may be symptoms such as increased salivation, swollen and red gums, changes in the baby's behavior, including increased sensitivity, crying, lack of appetite and sleep problems. In some cases, fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea may also occur.

In such cases, it is important to provide prompt help so that your baby can eat properly and maintain a regular sleep pattern.

The gel in the Primi Denti kit, composed only of natural ingredients.

The calendula extract contained in the composition, which is extremely effective in fighting inflammation, also has a soothing, softening and moisturizing effect. Stimulates healing processes and contributes to the healing of small wounds in the oral cavity.
Mallow extract, which creates a kind of barrier and prevents bacteria and other irritants from entering the inflamed area, thus soothing the sensitive and vulnerable part of the oral cavity.
Hyaluronic acid in the composition promotes faster tissue regeneration, as if a protective film is created, under which wounds heal much faster.

In the composition THERE IS NO alcohol, sugar or local anesthetics.

Quantity in the package: 20 ml
Manufacturer: Curasept SpA

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Customer Reviews

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Irma Vargalytė

Labai geros tirštos konsistencijos, labai patogu aplikuoti.


Mažylis nurimsta po kurio laiko patepus dantenas, tiršta koncentracija nenubėga nuo piršto.

Agne E.

Pradejus lysti dantukams mazas buvo irzlus. Naudojome si geli, tikrai padedavo ypac vakare pries miega.

Lina Pčiolinaitė
Pirmieji dantukai

Padėjo raminti dantenas. Rekomenduojame

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