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CURASEPT PRIMIDENTI gel and massaging brush set for babies (up to 6 months)

CURASEPT PRIMIDENTI gel and massaging brush set for babies (up to 6 months)

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The first teething is usually painless, but there may be symptoms such as increased salivation, swollen and red gums, changes in the baby's behavior, including increased sensitivity, crying, lack of appetite and sleep problems. In some cases, fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea may also occur.

In such cases, it is important to provide prompt help so that your baby can eat properly and maintain a regular sleep pattern.

The gel in the "Primi Denti" set consists of only natural ingredients.

The calendula extract contained in the composition, which is extremely effective in fighting inflammation, also has a soothing, softening and moisturizing effect. Stimulates healing processes and contributes to the healing of small wounds in the oral cavity.
Mallow extract, which creates a kind of barrier and prevents bacteria and other irritants from entering the inflamed area, thus soothing the sensitive and vulnerable area of ​​the oral cavity.
Hyaluronic acid in the composition promotes faster tissue regeneration, as if a protective film is created, under which wounds heal much faster.

In the composition THERE IS NO alcohol, sugar or local anesthetics.

Curasept massaging gum brush has a uniquely comfortable shape. It not only massages the gums, but also cleans baby teeth.
Each head contains 200 soft 100% silicone bristles. Ergonomic, non-slip handle with a comfortable finger pocket for more comfortable and effective massage.
Free of BPA and BPS, does not cause allergies or other side effects thanks to natural ingredients.

The set includes: 20 ml gel + massage brush

Suitable for use from 0-6 months. and later as needed.
Apply the gel to the Curasept massage brush or a clean, dry finger and massage the areas that are swollen and red.
Use as often as needed, but preferably before bed and after meals. It is recommended not to give the baby milk or formulas for at least an hour after using the gel.

Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Justina Pomaleiko

Puikus kramtukas dygstant dantims, dukrai pametus teko pirkti dar vieną.. Rekomenduojam ⭐️

Greta Beniušienė
Rinkinys mažyliams

Dantenų šepetėlis tapo mėgstamiausiu kramtuku, tepaliuko dar nespėjome panaudoti. Labai ačiū už greitą atsiuntimą😊

Inga K
Geriausias kramtukas

Pats pačiausias kramtukas mažyliui. Mūsų vaikui dabar 10 mėn, pirmąjį šepetėlį pametėm - įsigijom naują.
Tėvams naudoti šepetėlis nebus patogus, ertmė pirštui ankštoka, tačiau labai patogi vaikui.
Rekomendavom draugams, jiem irgi iš karto tiko.

Jurgita Petrulienė

Vaikučiui labai patiko silikoninis šepetėlis:)

Violeta Savickienė

Užsakiau anūkėliui, išsirinko dukra, vešiu į Londoną, dar neišbandėme. Siuntimas greitas, ačiū už dovanėlę.

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