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GC TOOTH MOUSSE RECALDENT toothpaste without fluoride

GC TOOTH MOUSSE RECALDENT toothpaste without fluoride

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Tooth cream GC Tooth Mousse, 35 ml

Recaldent TM is derived from the milk protein casein. It has long been known that milk and its products protect and strengthen teeth. Recent studies have shown that this property of milk is partially provided by casein proteins, which have the unique property of releasing calcium ions, phosphates and fluorides, which are extremely necessary for teeth, which are needed to restore the damaged tooth surface.

Prescribed for patients with sensitive teeth, dry mouth syndrome (xerotomy), worn or damaged tooth enamel.

Helps to neutralize acids and gives a feeling of cleanliness.

Especially suitable after teeth whitening procedures, professional hygiene, tooth root canal treatment.

Warning: GC Tooth mousse must not be used by people with allergies to dairy products and sensitivity or allergy to the group of benzoate preservatives. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Contains no fluorine.

Usage: After applying GC Cream on the teeth, it begins to work immediately, within 2-5 minutes. The cream is used once or twice a day. After cleaning the teeth, cover them with the chosen cream: MI paste plus or Tooth mousse, it can also be used in the graves. Hold for 3 minutes, do not swallow the product. After the specified time, remove (spit) the remains of the cream, do not rinse. Do not eat or drink for half an hour.

Studies have shown that with RecaldentTM, dull white spots on teeth can disappear and teeth will regain their natural clarity.

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Diana T.

Naudojam su dukra kartu, patinka.


Labai patiko, vaikai mielai naudoja. Ir prekes išsiunčia labai greitai👌 ačiū!

Aušrė Rudžianskienė

Geras produktas, vaikai noriai tepa dantukus


Perku jau nepirma pakuote,labai geras produktas apsaugoti dantis ir vaikai labai noriai tepasi


Išsirinkome įvairių vaisių skonį. Labai švelnus. Geras produktas!

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