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GUM HYDRAL toothpaste

GUM HYDRAL toothpaste

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GUM HYDRAL, toothpaste, 75 ml

Use GUM® HYDRAL™ toothpaste daily to promote enamel remineralization and protect teeth from caries. The gentle formula moisturizes and protects the dry mouth.

Moisturizes the mouth for a long time because it contains moisturizing substances.

Protects the oral mucosa from constant irritation due to dry mouth, as it contains innovative ingredients that cover the oral tissues well.

Soothes dry mouth.

Stimulates tissue regeneration.

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Dominyka Juškaitė
GUM HYDRAL dantų pasta

Švelni, drėkinanti. Traukčiau prie favoritų!


Malonaus skonio dantų pasta, labai patiko visai šeimai!

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