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GUM ORTHO mouthwash, 300ml

GUM ORTHO mouthwash, 300ml

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"Ortho" mouthwash strengthens the protection of the gums and is especially recommended for those who wear orthodontic devices.

If you wear braces, just using regular products isn't enough - it won't solve all the problems you're dealing with. Oral hygiene requires special care for orthodontic appliance wearers.

Unique composition: fluoride + isomalt - even better enamel remineralization;

Due to the antibacterial effect, the formation of dental plaque is reduced;

The ingredients of natural origin in the composition soothe the gums;

0 percent alcohol;

Due to the antibacterial effect of CPC, the formation of dental plaque is reduced;

Protects gums (bisabolol, ginger root extract, aloe and vitamin E);

Using mouthwash enhances the effect of Orhto toothpaste;

Can be used daily.

Usage: Rinse twice a day with 10-15 ml of liquid for about 30 seconds. after brushing teeth.

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Aurelija Talmontė

Labai patiko

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Eglė S.

Švaros ir gaivos pojūtis!🙂👌


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