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Philips Sonicare G3 Premium Gum Care Standard Sonic toothbrush heads

Philips Sonicare G3 Premium Gum Care Standard Sonic toothbrush heads

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Our brush head ensures perfect gums

Teeth are healthy when the gums are healthy. Take care of yours with our G3 Premium Gum Care brush head. The soft sides bend and adapt to the contours of the gums, so the contact with the surface is 2 times greater** and plaque is removed better along the gum line.

Up to 7 healthier gums in just 2 weeks

  • 2 packs
  • Standard size
  • Installed
  • BrushSync Mode-Pairing

Iki 7 k. sveikesnės dantenos vos per 2 savaites***

Up to 7 healthier gums in just 2 weeks

The rounded profile of the Premium Gum Care brush head maximizes bristle tip contact along the gum line. Compared to a manual toothbrush, this ensures up to 7x healthier gums and creates a strong dental foundation*.

Minkšti guminiai šonai lankstosi ir apima iki 2 kartų daugiau paviršiaus

The soft rubber sides flex and cover up to 2 times more surface area

This increases the sonic cleaning power and ensures deeper cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to its flexible design, Premium Gum Care removes up to 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Pažangi „Philips Sonicare“ technologija „sonic“

Advanced sonic technology from Philips Sonicare

Philips Sonicare's advanced sonic technology works by agitating the water between the teeth, while the sweeping motions of the brush break down and clean the plaque for exceptionally clean teeth every day.

75 proc. šio gaminio plastiko yra biologinės kilmės*

75 percent the plastic in this product is of biological origin

To help us all reduce our ecological footprint, 75 percent the plastic in this brush head is bio-based and all our brush head packaging is fully recyclable.

Visada žinokite, kada laikas keisti. Visada valykitės veiksmingai.

Always know when it's time to change. Always clean effectively.

After 3 months of use, the brush heads are no longer cleaning as effectively. Thanks to BrushSync, you'll be reminded of this before it happens. A smart toothbrush will track how often and how hard you brush and let you know when it's time to replace the head. Don't have a Philips Sonicare smart toothbrush? Just watch the blue bristles and when they turn white, it's time to replace the brush head with a new one.

Įstatoma galvutė, kad galėtumėte lengvai pakeisti

Insertable head for easy replacement

The G3 Premium Gum Care brush head will perfectly fit any Philips Sonicare toothbrush handle except Philips One and Essence. Simply install and remove; they are easy to change and easy to brush teeth with.

Išbandyta, kad patenkintų burnos sveikatos poreikius

Tested to meet your oral health needs

All Philips Sonicare brush heads clean teeth and gums safely and gently. During testing, each brush head is put through its paces to ensure that the heads are durable and clean exceptionally well, every time.

Automatiškai parenkamas optimalus režimas geriausiems rezultatams pasiekti****

The optimal mode is automatically selected for the best results

You'll always get the best clean possible with our BrushSync™ mode-pairing feature. The Philips Sonicare G3 Premium Gum Care brush head synchronizes with the Philips Sonicare toothbrush handle featuring BrushSync™, selecting the optimal brushing mode and intensity level for exceptional gum care. You just need to start cleaning.

Suitable for the following models:

  • Series 2 - Plaque Control
  • Series 2 - Plaque Protection
  • Series 3 - healthy gums
  • „DiamondClean“
  • „DiamondClean Smart“
  • „EasyClean“
  • „Essence+“
  • „FlexCare“
  • „FlexCare Platinum“
  • „FlexCare Platinum Connected“
  • „FlexCare+“
  • for children
  • „HealthyWhite“
  • „HealthyWhite+“
  • „PowerUp“
  • „DiamondClean 9000“
  • 1100 series
  • 3100 series
  • „Prestige 9900“
  • „ProtectiveClean“
  • 2100 series

Not suitable for:

  • „Philips One“



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