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SALUTEM moisturizing and non-foaming toothpaste

SALUTEM moisturizing and non-foaming toothpaste

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Suomiška, special health moisturizing and non-foaming toothpaste for sensitive teeth and dry mouth.

Salutem special toothpaste, intended for daily use by the whole family.

According to the instructions, SALUTEM toothpaste can not be rinsed after brushing, and due to its mild composition, it can even be swallowed. Therefore, it is suitable for small children and bedridden patients or persons who cannot or cannot rinse their mouths.

Salutem special toothpaste contains fluoride, xylitol and Finnish natural betaine, which is proven to keep the mouth moist and protect the mucous membranes.

Aqua, Crystalline Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Crystalline Xylitol 9,9 %, PEG, Anhydrous Natural Betaine 4,0%, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Fluoride (1450 ppm F), Sorbate

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

Super dantu pasta nes neputoja, las mums labai patinka.

Toma Blėdiene

Superine pasta - tikras atradimas

Justina Politikė
Max rekomenduojame!

Vaikas 3 metus kiekviena diena su asarom valydavosi dantis. Valentina rekomendavo pabandyti sia pasta, na ir Jus isivaizduokit, viskas buvo esmeje, kad pasta jam netikdavo... nes putodavo, su skoniais ir pan. Su sia pasta nuo pirmos pabandymo dienos issizioja pats! Pagaliau be asaru valome dantukus! Nu maxxxxx!

Puiki pasta

Perkame jau ne pirmą kartą. Švelni, neerzinanti, beskonė. Kitos nenori dantų pastos, tik šios, o ir džiaugiamės šios pastos sudėtimi ir rezultatu.

Agne Mockiene
Dantų pasta "Salutem"

Labai patinka ,super atradimas!

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